Public Private Dialogue Newsletter

PPD Network working group participated in the XIX Assembly of business circles of the Republic of Belarus. 

The central event of the III week of Belarusian entrepreneurship - the Assembly of Business Circles of the Republic of Belarus was held on March 1, 2018, in the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.

This event was attended by 7 representatives of PPD Network from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, where they were able to learn in detail about the National Business Platform of Belarus-2018, to get acquainted with the business environment and current changes in business climate, the development of public-private dialogue in Belarus.

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New initiative PPD Network

PPD Network working group together with the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship held on March 2, 2018 the roundtable for BMOs and BSOs  dedicated to public-private dialogue.

The topic is relevant for all the Eastern Partnership countries, and in Belarus one can observe an active process of participation in the dialogue of business associations and organizations supporting SMEs.

The round table was attended by 40 representatives of business associations of Belarus and the Eastern Partnership countries, from the Baltic countries, as well as international experts from the EU.

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Report on International Management Exhibition (IME)

European Business Association spoke about investment opportunities and business environment in Georgia in the Investment Management Exhibition, which was held on March 20-21 in Frankfurt, Germany.

International Management Exhibition (IME) is an international event, which serves as a matchmaking platform for connecting investors with public and private investment project opportunities in Energy, Infrastructure, Logistics, Industry, Mining, IT and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). The focus is Central Europe, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Partnership Countries and Central Asia.

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PPD: the opinion of an expert from Ukraine

Every post-Soviet state, which has today chosen the European path of development, completes an important and necessary stage of reforms – in political, social, economic and cultural area, shaping the new public conscience.  Often, such changes appear to be quite painful, as social tension in the society increases. So, development of new instruments, capable of embracing a broad spectrum of stakeholders became extremely necessary.

Public and private dialogue (PPD) is capable of uniting the efforts of many actors – the government, the public sector, the scientific circles and other individuals, which have common interests. It is especially important that such dialogue may include various shapes and sizes of companies and organizations, giving the small and medium enterprises (SME) a chance to become the full-fledged participants in the reforms, with the aid of business associations.

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Why Ukraine should become a Balkan country

Ukrainian politicians, diplomats, journalists and intellectuals should start paying more attention to how the countries of South-Eastern Europe (SEE) are currently preparing for their entry into the European Union. Kyiv can accelerate its own European integration by entering a number of SEE cooperation formats specifically designed to prepare the Western Balkan states for their future EU membership.

How can Ukraine persuade the European Union to provide it with a membership perspective and to start entry negotiations? Many decision-makers in Europe still do not see Ukraine as a serious candidate for accession and do not trust its government’s dedication and/or ability to deeply integrate Ukraine into the EU. Western European politicians and diplomats are therefore shying away from the tasks, responsibilities and costs associated with Ukrainian accession.

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